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ESSE is a proud manufacturer of cooking and heating appliances which are sold worldwide. Since ESSE began in 1854, the world has seen a lot of change, but the human need for warmth, food and comfort remains the same. Shackleton and Scott relied on an ESSE in the Antarctic, and Florence Nightingale would use no other brand in her Balaclava hospital.

Today, ESSE embrace tradition and innovation. They utilise modern research and technology to design the most energy-efficient range cookers and stoves, and every model is still carefully hand crafted to offer quality, integrity and longevity.

Here at The Kitchen Range & Cookshop, we take pride in personally supervising your order right through from initial deposit to delivery. After all, with this outlay, personal service is paramount.

Your cooker will be delivered to our premises by ESSE and we take over from that point, delivering with care and our specialised equipment, right into the final position. Before leaving, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and your new cooker is working as it should.

ESSE Iron Heart ESSE El13amp ESSE El13amp
  • Master Stove Maker Since 1854
  • Hand built in Britain and the choice for property’s around the world
  • Elegantly engineered & Vitreous enamelled
  • ESSE pioneered heat surround engineering ensuring even, controllable oven & hob temperatures and radiate warmth, economical & energy efficient
  • Our founding principle is designing clean, efficient, controllable appliances that offer versatility to the owner
  • Cast iron performance for your home
  • Ovens purposefully designed to be deeper than wide, minimising heat loss
  • Hands free / slam shut door catches
  • Gentle, even cooking temperatures are kinder on food, retaining more of its moisture, flavour and goodness.
  • Choice of three sizes, four fuel types & 20 colours

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ESSE unveiled its much-loved Ironheart cookstove in 2004 to celebrate 150 years in business.

This model combined the quintessential qualities of the company’s stoves and range cookers and quickly became a firm favourite with the team at C4’s River Cottage.

  • Features:
  • Designed to celebrate 150 years of ESSE
  • Combines the finest features of ESSE Heating & Cooking Stoves, cast iron heart for your home
  • Large oven & ‘Dog-bone’ cast iron hotplate up to six pans
  • View of fire through glass window
  • Firm favourite at River Cottage HQ

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ESSE EL13Amp Range Cooker

It has ESSE’s classic cast iron construction, heavy duty ovens, beautiful enamelling and the reassuring ‘solidity’ of the classic range cookers… all with modern, electric controllability and responsiveness.

The EL 13Amp is one of ESSE's most innovative, eco-friendly cookers and benefits from ‘power share’ technology.

  • Features:
  • A cast iron radiating cooker with the immediacy of electric
  • Can be positioned anywhere with a 2 x 13amp power supply, plug in and cook, no engineer installation required
  • Intelligent Powershare Technology giving you direct and independent control of 2 ovens, cast iron and induction hotplate and integrated full width grill
  • An ESSE electric cooker costs just £1 a day to run with standard usage
  • Moisture control vent for the best cakes or the crispiest roast potatoes

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ESSE Vector

A stylish addition to any room, Vector’s contemporary design creates that homely Hygge ambience exactly where you want it.

  • Features:
  • With a maximum output of 2kW, the Vector will easily heat a family room
  • A single top-mounted dial switches the power on or off and varies the temperature
  • After being powered down, the Vector continues to heat a room for up to 30 minutes
  • No drafts or uneven hot and cold spots, just gentle warmth radiating throughout the room
  • Fabricated from premium grade extruded sheet aluminium
  • Built to the same high standards as cast-iron products like ESSE’s Ironheart cooking stove
  • Succeeds the award-winning Solo electric stove, which has been a best-seller for more than two decades

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Choosing an ESSE heat storage cooker means cooking without compromise – and this model is no exception.

The new 990 EL is a beautifully balanced cast iron range cooker, with a host of technical innovations which make it ideal for the modern kitchen.

  • Features:
  • Big brother to the EL13Amp, designed for the larger kitchen to fit requirement for 100cm cooker
  • Combines traditional cast iron cooker with the flexibility of electric, 2 x 13Amp sockets, plug in and cook
  • Flat hob top offering cast iron hotplate for griddle cooking with the addition of a large induction hob for instant boiling temperatures
  • Independent controls neatly housed behind the upper left door
  • Three ovens and full width integrated grill

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Introducing the 500 EL – a compact electric ESSE range cooker that fits comfortably into any size of kitchen.

The 500 EL slots easily into the space reserved for a standard cooker, providing the beauty of a cast-iron stove with the amazing roasting and baking qualities of an ESSE range.

  • Features:
  • Up to three pans can be used simultaneously on the hotplate. Suitable for direct to cast iron hob cooking.
  • Both the top and lower ovens can be used independently. The hot plate and grill are also independently controlled.
  • Both ovens have moisture control vents that can retain moisture for baking or create dry heat for crisping roast potatoes.
  • Durable and powerful 3kW surround elements for oven, grill and hotplate
  • Designed and hand built in Britain

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Colour Options

ESSE is proud to offer a choice of 20 coloured range cookers, so whether you prefer bright and bold, or subtle and sophisticated – you’ll find the perfect shade to colour you happy.

ESSE Colour Options

ESSE Cookware

At the Kitchen Range & Cookshop we are proud to offer a large range of ESSE Cookware which can be found in our ESSE Cookware section.